Flipping The Multi-Channel Model: Integrating Digital Through Your Organization & Channels

Retailers have been obsessed, in recent years, with the idea of “multi-channel.”

But now they’re trying to figure out how to be multi-channel without feeling multi-channel…so-to-speak. Customers don’t care about channels and they don’t think about them. So our goal as a retailer is to make them feel like they’re having the same experience with our brand whether they’re in a brick and mortar store, on their desktop computer, on their mobile phone, etc.

In the below discussion, a few retail experts speak with Bob Cell, CEO of MyBuys, about how to flip this model and get past the idea of multi-channel, to a more integrated digital strategy throughout the organization.

The pros you’ll hear from are (and please don’t pay any mind to the typo in the intro slide – Mr. Braun from OfficeMax was not actually on this panel):

Grace Mase, VP, E-Commerce, Beachbody
Jay Basnight, Head of Digital Strategy, Puma
Kurt Heinemann, CMO, Monetate
Debbie Johnsen, Director, Interactive Marketing, The Leading Hotels of the World
Dave Reed, SVP, Strategic Solutions, MediaMath

Watch, listen, enjoy!