14 Essential Tactics for Mobile: Email, Search & Social Media Marketing

According to mobile web platform provider, Mobify, mobile web adoption today is happening 8 times faster today than web adoption in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

“Imagine if you could drive 520 miles per hour on the freeway, 8 times the current speed limit of 65mph,” the company writes in a recent whitepaper study on mobile tactics. “Imagine if a flight from New York to London took 1 hour, 1/8th the current travel time of 8 hours. Life would be drastically different in both cases—at 8 times its current speed.”

In these statements the firm means to drive a comparison to make consumers understand just how quickly mobile is growing. And amid that fast growth, retailers are faced with the challenge of how to offer fast, easy, clean mobile experiences. In the whitepaper, the full version of which you can download here, Mobify gives 14 tips to making mobile email, search and social media better. Here are a few:

1) Mobile Email: Subject and Sender Name Matter

Too often marketing teams labor over each word in the body of the email, only to leave the subject and sender fields as afterthoughts. Each element of the email is a small conversion opportunity!

Desktop and web-based email may treat the three elements of an email message (body, sender, subject) with equal weight, but not so in the mobile world. iPhones show the sender name most prominently, while most Android devices focus on the subject. In both cases, there is little to no preview pane to see the message body. Consequently, you’ve got to use a consistent and recognizable name or brand in the From field. And use your subject line as effec- tively as possible. Keeping it under 30 characters (including spaces) is best and phrase your subject as a promise of what can be found when the recipient opens the email.

2) Mobile Search: Mobile is Focused and Timely

It may seem counter-intuitive at first glance, but the average mobile search on Android and iPhone has roughly double the keywords than the average desktop search.

The interface is smaller on mobile but mobile searchers are more task-focused and highly specific in what they’re seeking.
Consider the following data from Microsoft: 70% of PC search tasks are completed in one week, while 70% of mobile search tasks are done in one hour.

While someone shopping on their desktop computer takes on average a week to take action, someone on their mobile takes on average an hour. Talk about acceleration!

3) Mobile Social Media: Women Rule Social Media

With the exception of LinkedIn, women are the dominant users of the top 10 social media networks, spending more time, contributing more, using mobile more and buying more than their male counterparts.

A Pew report found that women make up 56% of all social media users, and they lead in email, blogging, instant messaging, and photo sharing as well. Women comprise 64% of all Twitter users and most new Twitter users are female. On Facebook, 16% of wom- en comment on posts sev- eral times a day compared to only 8% of male users.

This doesn’t mean a marketer should wrap their social and mobile campaigns in pink bows and diet tips. But it does mean that your social strategy needs to give women credible things to care about and share with their broader social network.

There’s a lot more where these three came from. Download the full report here to see all of Mobify’s 14 tips. Again, we wouldn’t bring it to you if we didn’t think it was worth the download – enjoy and Happy Friday!