Infographic Alert: More Tips on Holiday E-Readiness

This one comes to use from SteelHouse, a behavioral-based ecommerce targeting software provider, and it’s all about holiday marketing.

Because we haven’t talked enough about that already.

Really though, we haven’t. It’s pretty much the lifeblood of all retailers so no time spent talking about it and gearing up for it is too much.

The graphic highlights a few things like:

– some key holidays to remember for 2012 which could give you a good way to talk to your customers over email
– sports that dominate the months of the year – football fans like myself WILL open an email that says something about their favorite team
– best offer campaigns
– 42% of shoppers say deals and discounts will be the number one deciding factor in their shopping this holiday season

Not as stat-packed as some of the infographics out there, but still a fun one to peruse. Take a gander…and thanks, Steelhouse!