Take our Luxury Benchmarking Survey Now (& Maybs Win $200!)

Sure this isn’t an easy question to answer, but it sure is an important one: where does your company stand on some of the biggest issues facing the luxury industry today?

It’s not so easy for luxury retailers to find an industry standard on big issues like social media, mobile commerce, advertising spend and international ecommerce. That’s why we’re going to give insight into what your peers are doing with our Luxury Interactive 2012 benchmarking report.

As researchers and producers of events in the ecommerce space, including our annual Luxury Interactive event, we have noticed that there aren’t a lot of easy-to-find facts out there about which luxury retailers are doing what with digital marketing. Why do we care? Well, in order to actually understand and report on the industry, it’s kind of important! So we’ve compiled this survey with help from some top luxury brands out there in hopes of creating a better benchmark for all of your retailers out there trying to plan your future marketing efforts.

Your answers to this survey will remain anonymous, but your input is invaluable to creating the report.

Once we receive your responses, we will be turning the answers into a report that will include the statistics, as well as analysis from luxury retail experts. We’ll then distribute the report and give you visibility into how companies are utilizing eBusiness the way yours is, and how some may be operating differently.

Plus, as a thank you for completing the survey, we’ll be automatically enter you in a drawing to win a $200 American Express gift card. Not too shabby a prize for helping to create an important piece of research, eh?

Come on now, take five or seven minutes to complete our questionnaire. In a few months when you can view the report, you’ll be glad you took part.