Cocktails & Cameras! Shots from eTail Boston’s Opening Reception

We are shocked it’s been almost exactly one month since eTail Boston kicked off, and that in that month, a hurricane hit the very two cities where the event was produced and held (NYC and Boston, consecutively), an earthquake rumbled the grounds of our Big Apple offices, and certainly most significantly, summer ended.

While none of these occurrences are particularly joyful, we are happy about one thing: we received our fabulous professional photos from our fabulous photographer! While we wouldn’t want to bore you with the entire lot of them, we at least want to share some shots from the reception on eTail’s opening night.

If you recognize yourself or someone else in these, feel free to tag, comment, Tweet, what have you…or let us know if we’ve got your name misspelled – it happens. And of course, share with all your friends and make fun of them if they look silly. (None of you do!)

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