eTail Bostoners: Download the UnSocial App Now!

Packing for a conference is like packing for anything else: without a checklist you’re bound to forget something…toothbrush, pajamas, underwear, business cards (hopefully not all of the above). As you check off your essentials for your trip to eTail Boston (in less than a month!), make sure you add one more to the list:

Download the UnSocial App.

If you haven’t heard of this company, consider this your introduction. UnSocial is an app that helps you plan and network while at business events, like eTail. While at the conference, you can use the app on your smartphone to chat with your peers that are there, keep track of the agenda, answer polling questions, “tweet” to other conference attendees and so much more.

Once the event is loaded into UnSocial’s software (we’ll tell you when it’s ready!) you can play around with it. For now just download the app. It feels good to check things off that list.

See you in Boston!