on the Fundamentals of Search Engine Marketing

Lots of consumers today have what we call “single cup coffee makers,” but it’s still sometimes tough to find the refills in your local grocery store.

That’s why we have a little thing called the Internet and it’s best friend, e-commerce. And that’s why Ben Kirshner, Founder and expert on search engine marketing (SEM) has got a pretty good thing going. With experience in the digital world as a media buyer/consultant at NYC-based, current CEO at, a degree in e-commerce entrepreneurship and more, Ben was and is poised to up the game of his father’s company while also running a few of his own.

He spoke to me at eTail in Palm Springs about the basics of search engine marketing, and while we were getting completely getting overpowered by the sounds of booth construction around us, we managed to nail down the three most important things to understand. Watch below to find out what they are:

If you’re not in the YouTube mood, we won’t make you watch it.

Here’s his top three strategies for SEM.

1. Multi-variant testing. Look at your time of day, day of week and geography goals. Target keywords and separate bids based on the days of week and locations that convert well.

2. Click Attribution. Give credit to words that you might not have normally given credit to.

3. Re-marketing. Cookie users who don’t buy so that when they go to another site after leaving yours and not buying, they will see a banner ad for your site. It’s a reminder of where they’ve been and another little nudge toward a conversion.