Big network night tonight – what will it mean for online TV watchers & advertisers?

If you’re a TV junkie, tonight might be a big night for you as season premieres will be flooding the major networks.

If you’re like me – you don’t have a TV. You watch online.

Not so abnormal these days. Apparently 38 percent of Americans do not watch shows live but rather from recorded devices. That’s up from 33 percent last year. But there are still some live TV events which draw crowds – like football games especially. According to this article, the increasing use of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter have affected interest in live events watched on TV.

But back to online. It’s my prediction that an increasing number of people will forgo their TV’s in favor of online platforms (if they can get the same/similar programming.) It’s already starting to grow but hasn’t quite gotten there. You still can’t watch a full Monday Night Football game live on your computer for free (not easily, anyway.)

If one day you can, what will that mean for online retailers and their advertising on such sites? If I watch football online, will I be followed around the net by the likes of Sports Authority or Modell’s? And if so, will I even mind so much?

If the trade-off is free live football online, I doubt it.