INFOGRAPHIC: SOASTA On Optimizing User Experiences For The Holidays

As summer begins to fade, retailers are starting to prepare for their busiest time of the year: the holiday season. With more consumers choosing to do their holiday shopping online (and expecting superior digital experiences), this means making sure that e-commerce platforms are ready to handle the huge influx of traffic the season will bring.

To help retailers prepare for the e-commerce surge, SOASTA, a leading cloud/mobile testing and user monitoring company, recently released the Perform at Your Peak, Holiday 2014 Performance Training Guide. The guide offers critical suggestions on how retailers can monitor consumer activity and enhance user experiences across both mobile and web.

SOASTA also released an infographic detailing 5 steps to optimizing holiday performance: Plan, Assess, Monitor, Load Test, and Market. The graphic also highlights some of the guide’s most salient points. For instance, the guide recommends that businesses analyze what just one second of delay could mean to the bottom line, finding that 40% of online shoppers will leave a website if it takes more than three seconds to load.

Check out the full infographic below and click here to read more about how retailers can deliver peak mobile and web performance this holiday season.

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Holiday 2014 Digital Performance Guide_FINAL-01 copy