Upsight’s GeoTrigger brings mobile marketing down to earth

For smartphone users, the next generation of window-shopping has arrived. Analytics and marketing startup Upsight is launching a new location-based mobile marketing tool called GeoTrigger. With the new tool, not only can marketers target consumers passing by a storefront with special offers (a capability that has been available through other tools for some time now), they can also leverage user data to send out more precise, relevant marketing messages.


The way it works is by collecting geolocation data from users, mapping where they go and where they are most engaged with specific apps. Marketers can then use that data to send tailored push notifications to users based on their location and tastes. Upsight believes GeoTrigger will help consumers find relevant products and services in a world of seemingly infinite choice.

Services like GeoTrigger reinforce the burgeoning role mobile is playing in multi-channel commerce. Rather than using smartphones and tablets as pure-play selling tools, retailers are leveraging mobile-specific features (like location) to help bring consumers into the store. Tools like GeoTrigger are becoming increasingly valuable because they can provide businesses with new expanses of consumer data while also helping to turn that data into actionable marketing.

Image credits: Upsight

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