Infographic Alert: MCommerce Growing 200% Faster than ECommerce

For all you retailers out there who didn’t think that people would buy stuff on their mobile devices…well aren’t you eating that foot?

We know that there really aren’t any of you who thought that, so it’s fine.

A new infographic from Baynote proves just how many people are buying stuff on mobile – and what good news given our impending holiday shopping season? Here are a few highlights:

1 in 10 Ecommerce dollars are spent today using a smartphone or tablet
– Mcommerce growth is outpacing traditional Ecommerce growth by 200%
– For every $1 spent, the average return on retail email marketing is $44.25
– The number of people using smartphones has doubled over those who use tablets; but tablet users spend 20% more on average.

And here, for your viewing pleasure, the aforementioned infographic: