Fab.com Updates Site For Better Recommendations

Ecommerce giant, Fab.com, has unveiled a new design for its website in time for the holiday shopping season, according to an article in TechCrunch. The core of Fab.com’s new user interface is its ‘Personalization’ feature, which leverages collaborative filtering technology developed by Fab to make product recommendations more relevant to shoppers’ interests. Screen shot 2013-10-25 at 3.13.45 PM

Fab.com’s collaborative filtering technology, which integrates users’ activity on the site as well as social networking sites, evaluates the items each visitor has viewed or shared on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest, past purchases, and activity by other shoppers Fab believes have similar tastes. Fab and other sites that use collaborative filtering (including Pinterest) constantly try to refine their algorithms so they can provide the most accurate recommendations based on the smallest amount of data. This is important to hook users as early as possible, even if they have clicked on only a few items, said the TechCrunch piece.

Fab’s redesign (which also includes a new user interface that follows the trend for “flat design” among tech companies and larger product photos) comes as the company focuses on expansion in Asia, part of its goal to join a roster of e-commerce companies that are valued at more than $10 billion: Amazon, eBay, Alibaba and Rakuten.