New & Noteworthy: WishClouds Tells Users when Stores have Sales

Customers who want to know when their favorite stores – retail outlets like Anthropologie, Zara, Nasty Gal, Free People, Forever 21 and more – have sales, are going to have a much easier time.

WishClouds, a new, free social sharing app that taps directly into brands to deliver real-time sales and deals to users, has added about 10 boutiques and new personalization features to celebrate its launch. By linking directly into leading retailers’ data in much the same way search engines such as Google find and catalog web sites, WishClouds gives shoppers up-to-the-minute sales alerts, price histories and other updates. WISHCLOUDS LOGO

“Through our platform, we can track and quickly respond to what’s trending among our users, who are looking for cutting-edge fashion,” said WishClouds Founder and CEO, Greg Miller.

In addition to curating its own collections of products, WishClouds users receive real-time price tracking and sales alerts on millions of products from major retailers, as well as personalized recommendations. Users can stay on top of trends by following celebrity “Tastemakers” and can personalize WishClouds with photos and share them through social networks. You can find WishClouds in the iTunes App Store.