Retailers See 15-20% Uptick in Mobile Revenue Per Visit through New Software

There’s no doubt about the fact that retailers are starting to take mobile very seriously.

One of the top online retailers with a multi-million dollar business told Darren Johnson, Head of Sales at Bloomreach, that it is seeing 40% of its traffic coming from mobile devices, but all the key metrics such as revenue per visit, are much lower than through other digital channels.

Johnson said in an interview with the eTail Blog at eTail East 2013, that one of his customers, Williams-Sonoma, doesn’t really care about conversions through smartphones – but the brand certainly cares about combating things like show-rooming, where customers come into their stores, search via their mobile device for a product that’s sold cheaper online.

To help overcome this challenge and improve the effectiveness of the mobile channel for retailers, Bloomreach has developed a platform called Bloomreach Mobile, a purpose-built service that helps retailers improve some of those key metrics by providing the right experience for the customer through the mobile channel.

Some of the company’s key customers like Nieman Marcus and others, have seen revenue per visit increases of 15 to 20% in some cases with the new program, said Johnson.

Watch the quick video below and hear him explain how retailers can truly start to get a handle on the mobile channel.