Video Alert: Tealium Defines 3 Key Benefits of Tag Management

The amount of software solutions available to today’s omni-channel retailer is nothing short of overwhelming.

It’s not enough anymore to have a great e-commerce platform, and awesome looking web design, a super in-house content team (plug!)

Today, retailers have to have it all, and more importantly, manage it all.

That’s where tag management comes in. According to Ali Behnam, Co-Founder and President of tag management platform, Tealium, tag management is the piece of the puzzle that helps bridge the gap between the marketing and the technology end of all these solutions that are being juggled by marketers. With so many online marketing programs going on simultaneously, marketers need a solution that manages them all and allows them to maintain some level of control over them.

In the video below, Behnam speaks to me about how a retailer can determine whether or not s/he needs a tag management solution, and the truth is, most of them probably do. Why? Because according to Behnam, if you’re a retailer and you’re either a heavy user of analytics (aren’t you all?), OR, you’re using multiple vendors (i.e. about five), then you should employ some kind of tag management.

He also defines the three biggest benefits to retailers that use tag management as:

1. Marketing Agility
2. Website performance improvements
3. Reduction of IT costs – (IT has been stuck doing functions that really should belong to marketing, said Behnam)

Watch the video to hear him explain more about how this whole tag management thing really works.