Video Alert: Bloomreach on How to Win the ‘Relevance Race’

We all know the fact: in today’s digital world, consumers are being bombarded with information. In the midst of all the clutter of info, it can be really hard for consumers to find relevant content to solve their problems, especially when they’re entering the website from so many different places.

“The homepage is no longer the front door to the website,” said Raj De Datta, CEO and Co-Founder of BloomReach. “Every page on the website is a possible front door. As soon as the user walks through one of those front doors, you have to put the content, products and services in front of that user that they care about.”

Cloud marketing platform BloomReach, does big data marketing. It goes out into the web, figures out all the billions of things people are looking for and then maps that to its customers and the products/services they sell.

In the video interview below De Datta talks to me about the challenges retailers face today in trying to win the relevance race. He gives an example of one of his customers, Neiman Marcus, and how it was trying to deliver more relevant content to its customers via mobile.

“The mobile user is even more impatient than the desktop user,” said De Datta.

He also cites today’s rate of change as a big hurdle for retailers today.

“Anything you do today is out of date tomorrow,” he said.

Check out the brief interview below to hear from Raj – he’s quite a smarty and was a joy to chat with!