Welcome to the New eTail Blog!

All of you dedicated readers are surely enjoying the snazzy new eTail Blog layout. Well, that is, I hope you are! MP900386497

Why’d we do it? Few reasons:

1) We were due for a redesign. Let’s get real – websites these days only have a shelf life of a few years given the technology changes and improvements that are happening seemingly daily.
2) We wanted a redesign. I had always thought there was a little something “missing” on the old eTail Blog. Like it was a good first draft, but needed something.
3) We want you to read more of our stuff! In our old design, it was hard to see any articles beyond the four most recent ones. And forget about all our great videos – they were buried way down in who knows where. Now you can catch all our eTail TV spots right in the top right hand corner.
4) We’ve got more and more content all the time. Now that we have an engaged readership (thank you all!) we have even more content coming to you on a daily basis. And not just articles – we also have things like whitepapers and webinars that are going to be delivered in our new “Enhanced Content” section. So be sure to keep up with that for all the in-depth research we and our partners are doing.

So there you have it – enjoy the new blog and of course, give us your feedback. We LOVE feedback!