Pinterest Lets Boards be Private…if you Want

I found out about Pinterest’s new “private boards” when trying to pin some beautiful home scene or wedding dress (yes, I am a shameless pinner and convert – I had previously entrusted all my loyalty to Tumblr, but fell victim to the Pinterest spell) and seeing a message about the new feature. Apparently there was a company-issued press release. I missed that memo.

Anyway, who cares about this and why? Well, these new secret boards are basically a way of making the visual landscape that defines you, private. Simple enough. But what a lot of people may not know is that if they’re not private, your boards are very, VERY public. That means not only can anyone see them, but anyone, anything, can search them. In the Facebook world, your information is only available within the confines of the platform. With Pinterest, any Internet prowling technology can pick up on the trends your Pinterest boards are so obviously showcasing: read Home Décor or Weddings. Then guess what happens…

The company release (apparently) said that these boards can be used to keep track of holiday gifts, plan special events or work on projects you’re not ready to share with the world.

It’s quite brilliant for Pinterest to infiltrate our public social lives so thoroughly and then say, “Hey, we’ve got stuff for your private lives, too.” What Pinterest addict won’t jump at a new feature and a new opportunity to spend more time pinning?

Now I can only hope I will be on the super VIP list when Pinterest comes up with its next innovation. (Hint, hint, Pinterest peeps.)