Last Chance Luxury Brands: Be Part of our 2012 Benchmarking Study

Last week marked the official distribution of our 2012 Luxury Interactive benchmarking survey at the sixth annual event. We had tons of luxury brands attend and happily fill out the survey. Why? Because everyone wants to know what everyone else is doing and how much they’re spending. Peer pressure baby. It’s a powerful thing.

Don’t know what we’re even talking about? Read the original post here.

The preliminary results of the survey, compiled from answers completed by about 60 luxury brands, revealed lots of interesting stats, which you can read here. (Or, if you’re a WWD fan, they liked the study enough to run an article on the preliminary results on their site too.)

We’re closing the doors to the survey at the end of this week, and then compiling the results into a comprehensive report, which will be available in about four to six weeks. Let us know if you want to recieve a copy, and in the meantime, if you’re a luxury brand, make sure you fill it out because:

a) Your answers are what will make this study great – the more we have, the better benchmark we create for luxury brand digital marketers.

b) You could be one of the lucky ones to win a $200 AMEX gift card, if you don’t mind giving us your name and contact info at the end. Not so bad, eh.

So take five or seven minutes to complete our questionnaire. In a few weeks when you can view the report, you’ll be glad you took part.