New & Noteworthy: HootSuite Conversations, GlamSparkleNGlitz,

We bring you a few of the latest and greatest intro’s on the web in recent weeks – enjoy!


Many of us marketers are already harnessing the power of social media dashboard HootSuite. Now, the platform has introduced some increased functionality around internal “conversations,” which opens it up to be more than a tool for external messaging. You can now communicate with anyone in a conversation thread, like colleagues, friends or contacts, in real-time, without ever leaving the HootSuite dashboard.

The tool allows users to send messages from social networks to the “Conversations” area for future internal discussions. It also allows you to to broadcast messages from “Conversations” across multiple social networks. You can add as many or as few people to your HootSuite Organization as you need to get talking – and it allows you to import contacts from Gmail. Confused? Check out the “Conversations” portion of the HootSuite dashboard.


Karen Glazer, Founder and CEO (which she’d like to call “Chief Embellishment Officer”), has been a fashion forerunner for years, first at Casual Corner, then at Totally Kool which grew from its roots in Connecticut to become a mail order catalog business and then an internet business. Now, as retail turns its direction so swiftly toward digital, Glazer has launched, an online merchandising platform with more than 300 exclusive items and new products added daily. Each item will only be on the site once.

“If I sell out of a product in a day, that’s it,” said Glazer. “It will never be produced again. That’s what separates us from the rest of the industry; nothing is mass produced.”

Offerings include embellished clothing, collegiate gifts, hair accessories, home furnishings, and wedding reception items.

Suitly Apparel Inc. (Suitly), a recently launched online fashion store, is bringing the craftsmanship and personal attention of a tailor to the computer screen, for the convenience of on-the-go men everywhere.

Historically, custom-tailored suits have required a substantial time and money investment, but Suitly means to flip that model and offer personalized suits at reasonable prices with little hassle.

“There used to be a time when custom tailored clothing was the norm, especially in Europe, and now we are all expected to fit into a particular numbered size which doesn’t always result in a good fit,” said CEO Matthew Krizsan. “That’s why we worked so hard to combine custom tailoring with the online storefront. Every jacket, every vest, every pair of pants we produce is cut to the customer’s exact measurements.”

Suitly launched in August, and features an interactive guide for taking all of a man’s essential measurements, including sleeve length and shoulder width. Looped videos on the site demonstrate how to take proper measurements which are then stored in a personal profile. Each suit is made to order at the time of purchase and delivered within three weeks, anywhere in the world.

The company is so confident about its product that it offers a $75 reimbursement for alterations to customers, in the event that a suit does not fit properly.