Infographic Alert: What Top Retailers Plan to Spend on in 2012/2013

We’ve got another infographic coming your way – this one via…us!

That’s right – the team at eTail Boston 2012, set up a survey of more than 100 top retailers to ask them what they planned to spend their marketing dollars on in the next 3, 6 and 12 months. This graphic sums up their responses, while you can see an even more in-depth version of the data by downloading the full benchmarking report here. A few highlights from the graphic:

– 48% plan to spend on SEO, SEM, site search
– For 57% of respondents, fraud, privacy, site security and logistics is not on the budget list at all in the next 12 months
– 30% of retailers surveyed plan to spend on CRM systems, customer segmentation and loyalty

See the infographic below (click to enlarge!), or download the full report here.