Makeup App Reveals (Potential) Global Cosmetics Trends Valuable for Retailers

A popular ModiFace iPhone App called “Makeup” is coming through with some valuable statistics that anyone in the cosmetics retail biz will want to see.

The virtual mobile makeover app spit out data from more than 200,000 product selections made in 24 hours, which can help brands and retailers understand who is interested in what type of cosmetics, where in the world they live and whether the agreed upon go-to products are really the ones women use most.

The data states that the most popular cosmetic product is eye shadow as it was used in the virtual makeover more than any other product. Canada, China, Northern Eastern Europe, South American and Australia were the top eye shadow users in this trial.

But countries like America, France, Spain and Italy preferred lipstick, and Russians primarily went with blush.

Of course, this is an app, and therefore doesn’t necessarily mirror consumer behavior. But its design is meant to showcase trends as close to reality as possible given its design and functionality. Women may, however, be more risky about their cosmetics and color choices in an app than they would be in real life, but these decisions should tell us about the beauty trends to which women aspire.

Check out the graphic below to see what products were popular where. A guide:

light orange=Blush
– black=Eye Liner

The stats get even more detailed in terms of colors of cosmetics used in different parts of the world, but for our purposes, this is enough to tell us that mobile apps can be a great way to gauge consumer behavior in industries where we might sell our products online.

ModiFace, the maker of the makeover app, is a leader in such technology with skin care, cosmetics and hair color changing technology that enables users to see what they would look like if various aspects of their appearance were changed. The company powers apps for various mobile platforms and for big brands like Stila Cosmetics, Hearst Magazines, Garnier and more.