Is Your Retail Operation Adopting New Payment Technologies? It Should.

Emerging payment systems like NFC, can be a tricky subject. See the blog post from today about this very subject.

But if we don’t keep on top of this issue, it will surely creep up on us. And fast.

Our upcoming Emerging Payments conference, taking place in San Diego this November, is going to bring together retailers, banks and technology providers who are on the cutting edge of this trend. Companies who will not be left behind when suddenly their customers start whipping out their iPhones, expecting to pay their bill.

A few highlighted speakers on the program include:

Marc Warshawsky, SVP Mobile, Bank of America
Tony DiCenzo, SVP, IT, Pinkberry
Robert Notte, CTO, Jamba Juice
Aashir Shroff, VP, Mobile Payments and Innovation, Wells Fargo

…and there are so many more!

If you want to check out the full program, to see all the superb speakers and read the topics they’ll be speaking on, download it here. Yes, you will have to enter a few lines of info to download the full thing, but like I always say, I only ask you to download the good stuff.

We’ve got quite a few upcoming events that I’ll be telling you about in the coming weeks as the agendas are updated.

Emerging Payments is one of them – and you retailers should check it out.