Infographic Alert: A Pinterest Quickie-Factoid-Mashup for Your Friday Afternoon

Alright, ALRIGHT already Pinterest. We get it. You’re like, a big deal.

That doesn’t mean we don’t love proving it to you when we get funky graphics to do it.

We have a quickie from Milo (because on Friday afternoon, after a VERY intense, long week at eTail, we can’t do much more than that). It outlines why retailers must get on board with Pinterest. Some of our fave highlights:

– Pinterest users follow an average of 9.3 retail companies. Facebook users follow an average of 6.9. That’s a whole TWO fewer spots your Facebook users are reserving for you, retailers.
– Shoppers are obviously looking for deals, but a surprising number are also looking for expert advice, opinions and trends.
– Visitors to your retail site from a Pinterest board are more likely to convert to leads or sales because there are fewer steps in the consumers’ path toward discovery.

Check out the simply graphic below.