Bill Pryor says customer service is key at

Bill Pryor, COO,, sat down with me after his presentation at eTail to talk about why putting the customer first is so important to his business, while at the same time stressing that this is not necessarily the most important factor at other e-retailers.

Sure, customer service and experience is always a factor. If your experience with any given retailer is horrific, you may not go back. But for some e-commerce retailers, other factors such as exclusivity of products, short sale times, etc., might be attractive enough to keep customers shopping even when the experience is sub-par. Not at Shoebuy.

Pryor said that the company’s main initiatve has been measuring KPI’s and customer experience. The way they do that? Well, you’ll just have to check back in when we get the video interview up and running. We’ll let you know.

More eTail updates to come tomorrow!