Who doesn’t like a candy store? Gwan Yip & Dylan’s Candy Bar’s e-store

Walking into a candy store is just a tad bit different than visiting one online. Sure, you might get all the convenience of an online platform – everything at your fingertips and perhaps even some fun enhancements – but can you smell the candy? Can you taste it? No.

That’s why making the online experience unique and memorable is even more important.

At the Luxury Interactive conference, Gwan Yip, Director of eCommerce for Dylan’s Candy Bar, talked about the challenge of bringing an over-the-top, childlike in-store experience to an online platform.

“The brand is so connected to the first two seconds when you open the door. I think Dylan likes to coin the phrase, ‘Bringing out the child within.'”

Doing that online may be a bit more challenging, but Gwan and his team are giving it a go.