John McDonnell on the importance of content in marketing/brand building

You might argue that the product John McDonnell is selling sells itself. As COO of Patron Spirits Company, he’s marketing a product – tequila – that is virtually recession proof.
But Patron isn’t just tequila, it’s high-end, luxury-grade tequila and we are living in the eCommerce world. Therefore, even a tequila company must understand new-age digital marketing. Fortunately Patron, and McDonnell specifically, does, hence the launch of the Patron Social Club, an online membership club devoted to providing unique and original content thus adding value to its product and building brand loyalty. At Luxury Interactive, the online commerce conference for luxury goods, McDonnell discussed with us his company’s efforts to expand their social media presence and build the brand through the networking site – encouraging engagement through content minus blatant product pushing.
Listen here and let us know your thoughts.