Webinar Alert: Increase Conversions with a Faster Responsive Mobile Site

In this day and age, talking about responsive design isn’t enough – we must talk about fast responsive design, and fast responsive mobile design, to be more specific.

Screen shot 2014-02-27 at 4.57.07 PM

In a webinar which aired live on Wednesday, February 26, and is now available for your viewing pleasure here, Instart Logic talked all about the challenges with responsive websites, particularly on mobile and tablet devices. Mobile and tablet commerce is exploding, presenting new challenges and opportunities for online retailers. On-the-go users have little tolerance for online retail experiences that are not fast, immersive or mobile friendly. But mobile friendly does not mean creating bland, text-heavy sites. Users want immersive, high definition designs with high quality product images to help them make a buying decision on the go. The webinar addresses all these ideas and highlights some specifics, like:

– Latency- “Last mile” bottlnecks
– Image quality
– The impact of poor page load performance on conversions and user experience
– How to increase product image quality and size without reducing performance
– How leading online retailers have increased their website’s performance and improved conversions and user experience

Peter Blum, VP of Product Management at Instart Logic hosted the webinar where he and participants discussed these issues. Make sure you take the time to check it out – and now that it’s recorded, you have the benefit of being able to fast forward and rewind to whichever parts matter to you.

Also, as eTail is closing in (next week – ah!) we want you to be sure you speak to Instart Logic in their booth (#214) at the event. Here’s hoping San Antonio brings a dash of warmth to us winter-jaded east coasters who are all very excited to head there!