Infographic Alert: How to Convert More for Less

The question among marketers, and those managing marketers, always seems to be the same:

How do we get more traffic to our website?

Then marketers work to do just that. But they spend a lot of money in the process. And suddenly the question starts to go like this:

How do we make all this new traffic convert and actually buy stuff?

So then we all work to do that. But again, money is spent and budgets are squeezed. So the new question is:

How can we do all this on the cheap?

Ah. Now there’s the golden ticket.

According to an infographic from Marketizator, a web performance platform covering testing, real-time interaction, segmentation and surveys, companies are spending too much money on generating traffic, and not enough on converting traffic. If they change that formula, says Marketizator, they just might see some savings. Here’s a few highlights from the graphic:

– Companies spend about $100 on traffic acquisition vs. $1 on conversions.
– Only 21% of companies are satisfied with their online conversion rates.

Check out the graphic below for the rest.