Contest Alert: Looking at EComm in LATAM? Tell us your Stories…

My partners in Latin America and I got to talking and decided it was time to run a contest for all you blog readers who are enthusiastic about the Latin American e-commerce space.

We know you’re out there because you’ve told us! Harbor and Miami Beach Skyline

So here’s the deal – we have 3 passes available to our upcoming eTail Latin America event, set to take place May 23-25 in Miami, and here’s what you have to do to get them:

1. Be a qualified retailer (duh)
2. Tell us your stories!
– If you have a really fun, terrible, hilarious or otherwise interesting story about your foray into the Latin American ecommerce market, we want to hear about it! Write it up and send it to me here. We will be sifting through them and we’ll choose three of you to whisk off to our eTail Latin America show. How exciting! (Ok, perhaps “whisk” is a bit dramatic – you’ll get a pass to the event – which is worth quite a lot of dinero given the wealth of information you’ll take back with you to help your business get its hands on some of the booming LATAM biz.)

That’s it. That’s all you have to do.

So go ahead, fire those stories over to me! Deadline is Friday, May 2nd. Surely for any of you who have a story in mind, it will take you all of five minutes to recount it. And just think, if you’re chosen and your story happened to be one of the terrible ones, you’ll have the chance to learn all about how to NOT go through something like that again by hearing from all the awesome speakers at eTail Latin America who will show you what’s what in this emerging market.