Infographic Alert: Rebrands to eBay Commerce Network has re-branded as the eBay Commerce Network, to better reflect its evolution from a single-destination comparison shopping site to a robust commerce network, according to a company issued press release.

To keep pace with the changing nature of buying and shopping, the eBay Commerce Network has evolved into an active commerce ad network capable of connecting retailers with buyers at any stage of the shopping experience – from awareness to purchase.

Merchants who partner with the eBay Commerce Network can access sites that receive more than 200 million visits per month, the release said. They also can get placements on sites like eBay, Bing and CNET and new granular bidding tools to promote key products and broaden selection on these leading publishers. With a single campaign, a merchant can access the eBay Commerce Network’s broad range of publishers.

“We are committed to enhancing and scaling our network so that we can deliver new customers and drive meaningful sales by offering our merchants the broadest reach across the web at the right ROI,” said Kristy Troup, GM of the U.S. Business at the newly branded eBay Commerce Network. “As an eBay company, we are focused on connecting buyers and sellers through relevant digital advertising.”

Currently, 4,000 merchants work with the eBay Commerce Network to acquire new customers and grow their business.

eBay Inc. first acquired in 2005.

Check out the below infographic for a visual explanation of how the whole buying/selling process used to work, and how it works now…and thus why this decision was made.