Assouline Engages Luxe Audience Beyond Books

Assouline’s position in the luxury market is unique. The company doesn’t produce high-end handbags or cars or clothing, but they are just as involved in the luxury sector as any well-known couture designer. Their claim to fame, beautiful books about fashion, travel and culture, has evolved into a comprehensive content creation business and much of their market is now going online to engage with their brand and products.


Here, Kristin Knapp, Vice President, Ecommerce and New Media, Assouline, speaks about how she is advancing the brand’s digital presence.

The brand is debuting its first iPad application in May – a natural development for a publishing company but especially intriguing given Assouline’s unique market niche. The company also uses innovative ways to engage its brand loyalists in social media through content rich games and activities such as a Facebook game around its Proust questionnaire.

Assouline has also bought into the common luxury trend of flash sales, partnering with companies like Gilt Groupe to offer up its products in short spurts at deep discounts. Knapp says they’ve seen success there and would consider further involvement with such online “events.”