Burberry is at it again – Luxury Digital Marketing for the Future

When it comes to innovative marketing, the luxury sector has a few obvious standouts.

One of the earliest adopters of advanced digital marketing was British brand Burberry, and since it came onto the digital scene, the brand has not disappointed its customer base, which now expects the unexpected from Burberry.

In Burberry’s most recent move toward techno-savvy marketing, it has announced that the flagship store in Beijing will launch with an event that will combine digital and real-life components on a 2,000 spare-meter sound stage, set to music by live-performing band, Keane, according to an article published in Luxury Daily.

The new store, set to open in Beijing on April 13, will push China’s list of Burberry stores to nearly 60. The 12,500-square-foot store will feature giant video walls that can stream multimedia content and events – bringing another level of digital marketing to the in-store experience.

While Burberry has tried this sort of “out-of-home” advertising through high-tech means in the past, this is the first time its been brought to China, a country well-suited to receive this sort of marketing from a luxury brand.

I admire what the luxury market is doing with marketing and I wonder, what are your thoughts on the industry and how do you think all retailers can learn from these sorts of companies?