Video: One of Marketing’s Newest & Fastest Growing Distribution Channels

Ok, fine, so perhaps online video isn’t really a distribution channel of its own when it comes to marketing. But it’s quickly becoming a bigger part of an integrated marketing strategy and helping many of the traditional marketing distribution channels that are still as important as ever to marketers.

At least that’s the view taken by Nancy Jenkins, Executive Vice President and General Manager, When she and her firm decided to tackle video creation, they took the all-in approach. Working with Invodo, the company devised a very strategic approach to video and followed these three basic steps:

1. Identify Goals

2. Plan

3. Execute

While each firm’s goals may be different, Nancy’s advice is that no matter what the goal, the most important step is planning because only then will you be poised to create an effective video that can eventually grow into its own distribution channel – or at least become an integral part of another one.

Think of it this way: invested time and money into creating videos. Then the company strategically used those videos to generate more interest through various channels.

First, they posted links to the video “area” on the site, then when users were in the video area, in big bold letters they saw an opportunity to enter a contest to win $300 in swimwear. The contest asked the user a series of questions which gave insight into how users were viewing the video, what they liked and didn’t like about the video, and actionable ways that customers thought the video could improve. They also asked users to opt-in to an email list, thus building their database for potential marketing through other distribution channels. Finally, they posted the winner on Facebook to engage the social channel and encourage sharing and feedback from customers.

Through an effective video, they were able to better use some of their most critical distribution channels: the website, email and social media.

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