Vogue.com – good business for them, hopefully good e-commerce for advertisers

It’s quite shocking to me that a brand as established as Vogue would take this long to get on the online bandwagon with a real online presence. But alas, for reasons I’m sure are many, it took Vogue quite some time to realize what it should be online – a community for fashion lovers.

So while lots of blogs and articles are a natural addition to any website whose brand originates in the pages of a magazine, Vogue has realized the value of online advertisements – yes huge, online advertisements like photos – since that’s a huge part of their brand, right? And what a great way to drive commerce – online – to those brands, through this site.

Instead of tons of words, there are tons of pictures. And videos. Its layout is simple and clean, reading almost like a fancy fashionista’s blog. I accidentally (OK, maybe not totally accidental) clicked on an ad that swas big and beautiful and it led me to Estee Lauder’s site. It just as well could have led me to a story on Vogue.com about the picture in the ad – but instead, it’s now an opportunity for Estee Lauder to get me to buy something.

Good work.