Webmasters Think that Recent Google Tweaks Target Ecommerce

By Andrew Greissman

2856173673_98ab05e317_z Webmaster communities across the internet are buzzing in response to what appears to be Google algorithm tweaks geared towards moderating ecommerce related Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). According to a blog post by Barry Schwartz, the week of February 2nd, fluctuations in Google results created waves in the SEO community. It seems that the majority of the tweaks were centered around common misspellings of major brand names, with the perceived aim of standardizing SERPs related to major ecommerce and global brands such as Nike and Adidas. Blogger Marcus Tober was quoted as saying that the most commonly effected search terms related to digital commerce brands with notable CPC (cost per click), making these terms effectively more valuable for Google to standardize, a possible motivator for smoothing out algorithmic inconsistencies.

Google declines to announce any formal algorithm changes. 

Despite webmasters across the internet taking notice of gains and drops across a range of search results pages, Google declined to announce any formal algorithm tweaks when reached out to for comment by Schwartz, and said that these updates were not related to Panda or Penguin, it’s two latest rounds of major algorithm updates that have been closely followed by the SEO community. Whether or not ecommerce players were effected directly by this round of algorithm tweaks, the important thing to remember is that a single Google change can have sweeping effects across the landscape of digital commerce. Brands that want to come out on top need to be proactive, rather than reactive towards their SEO strategies and stay abreast of planned changes. Luckily, Google’s self professed mission is to provide users with the best quality content, therefore, brands who commit to giving users something that is truly valuable should worry more about creating a valuable experience than relying on ranking tricks or keyword stuffing, tactics that have gone extinct as SEO migrates towards a content based art form.


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Andrew Greissman is a digital content manager for WBR Digital. Andrew’s writing background spans genres and formats from poetry and magazine writing to website copy and press releases. When not writing, Andrew enjoys travel, good food and reading books. 

Photo credit: Carlos Luna


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