With Valentine’s Day Approaching, Here’s Why Etailers Need to “Date” Their Customers


By Andrew Greissman

15679677086_10b7969737_z A relationship with a new person is exciting; the thrill of getting to know someone new is bested only by the steady feelings that grow between two people over time. We’ve already shown that love is in the air this month, with predicted spending this Valentine’s day up from last year, but now a new report released by Order Dynamics is taking things a step further by suggesting that ecommerce players “date” their customers.


Why it’s better to be committed. 

Just like in a relationship with a significant other, gestures that show you care can go a long way towards a happy and long lasting bond with your customers. However, as in the dating game, there’s a fine line between thoughtful and creepy. From the report:

“In dating, there are lots of ‘rules’ about when to call back after a first date. Too early, you look too eager; too late, you miss your chance; too much, you’re in stalker territory. The same is true in retail. It’s difficult to strike the balance between keeping customers engaged to drive repeat purchases and annoying them. “

The report found that 30% of retailers bombarded their clients with emails, a surefire way to spend Valentine’s Day wondering where things went south. Since fine tuning a customer loyalty strategy can take so much effort, ecommerce professionals might wonder, is it really worth it to focus on loyalty over acquisition? The short answer is yes. The report states that industry experts estimate retention can cost as little as 10-20% of the expense of acquiring a new customer.

Personalization and timing are the keys to your customer’s heart.

“I love you, Ashley” is a sweet thing to say, that is, unless you’re talking to Amanda. Bursting into her office with flowers is another tactic that probably only works in movies. Retailers need to collect and act on customer data so that their messages hit the right tone at the right time, lest they let their valuable relationships fizzle out. In 2015, the digital retailers who will set themselves apart from their competition will be the ones who master the art of personalizing in their messaging, and recognize the value of building their bonds with customers instead of putting all their energies into the chase.

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Andrew Greissman is a digital content manager for WBR Digital. Andrew’s writing background spans genres and formats from poetry and magazine writing to website copy and press releases. When not writing, Andrew enjoys travel, good food and reading books. 

Photo credit: Carolina Ponce


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