Streamlining Your Omni-Channel Experience with Akamai

Today’s web experience is a rich engaging experience that takes place across all devices, making today’s shopper empowered and connected.

Think about how you make a purchase. If you are anything like me, first you decide to buy some novelty socks for a friend’s birthday (perhaps not a good friend, maybe just an acquaintance, hence the socks). You then browse different companies in order to find which one you should buy from on your tablet while sitting in an airport waiting to take a business trip to San Antonio. Then if you choose a brand you like, you go to the store and see what the products they have look like in real life. Finally, you go home and check your laptop while you are watching TV and make your final purchase of green Breaking Bad socks based on consumer reviews.

According to Mike Afergan, SVP of Web Experience at Akamai, business opportunities from this decision making process are vast, as mobile and tablet traffic to retail sites are booming, but these diverse situational experiences also cause some challenges. Challenges include security threats, scalability challenges and poor service performance based all on these situational complexities.

The three keys to fixing these challenges are Measuring, Optimizing and Securing, three areas which Akamai and their wide array of omni-channel solutions can help your company with. One of these solutions includes their Distributed Cloud for Defense in Depth, which protects retailers from web security threats that could be coming at them from all over the globe