Is Responsive Design Right for You? It is for Lenovo!

This morning during the Web Design/UX/On-Site Experience Summit at eTail West, Rick Medeiros, Executive Director of Global User Experience, Design and Operations at Lenovo shared the experience his company is having so far with testing and launching a responsive website.

A few years ago it became clear to Rick, and Lenovo, that going mobile, at the very least, was a no brainer. But, the question was whether or not to launch a responsive website, which would integrate across all devices, or to simply create a separate, which would be handled separately from their desktop site.

Whichever option they chose, the objectives of their upcoming launch had to be optimizing their site for mobile, leveraging the desktop design they had just updated across devices, delivering a flawless integrated experience, making their sites compelling and making sure all of the sites scaled properly.

In the end, they decided to test a Responsive Website with their Australian customers in 2013. They found that the overall design worked well, it increased the brand perception of Lenovo and the product configuration also worked well. But there were some things that they needed to work on namely ‘desktop first’ design issues, like a cluttered navigation system and a site not optimized for touch.

After working on some of these issues, Rick and his team have launched this responsive site on their content and marketing pages in the US and are looking to expand responsive design to the support pages. In keeping the above objectives clear, responsive design has been working for Rick and Lenovo.