Webinar Alert: 5 Ways to Turn Referrals into Customers

In the good old days of businesses growing via word-of-mouth marketing and nothing else, referrals were the difference between a business that would last and one that would fail.

Nowadays, saying the word “referral” conjures up all types of thoughts for marketers: referral from a website, referral through social media, referral via a mobile ad…the list goes on.

At the end of the day, a referral is someone who finds your business via a qualified source, and is already interested in what you provide. Therefore, they’re already ahead of some of those icy leads you have sitting in an email list you got from who knows where and don’t know what to do with. (Hopefully you’re doing much more sophisticated lead gen and all your leads are hot, hot, hot!)

In the an exclusive eTail webinar with Advance Auto Parts (AAP), and extole, which airs at 2 p.m. EDT on Thursday, Nov. 21, you’ll learn just how to take those referrals that aren’t quite as good as the old, “My brother said you were the best,” and turn them into loyal customers.

For a company like AAP, generating demand and staying top of mind with customers is crucial to business. AAP turned to referral marketing as a more creative and cost effective way to drive new customer acquisition. AAP’s referral marketing program not only allows the company to participate in its customers’ conversations online, but almost 50% of customers acquired through the program are new to the brand.

Join this webinar to:
– Learn how referral marketing is an efficient and predictable customer acquisition channel
– View a CASE STUDY all about the Advance Auto Parts Referral Program
Take away 5 best practices for referral programs

Sign up to participate in the webinar here, and if you can’t make it, we’ll send you the recorded version later so you can watch it on your own time. This is one you don’t want to miss.