New Fashion Tech Startup Enlists Big ‘What Not to Wear’ Talent

New fashion technology startup, Stylinity, has brought on Stacy London, a style icon known mostly for her part in TLC‘s, What Not to Wear, to serve as a member of the board.

Stacy London

Stacy London

Stylinity is a new technology platform that functions mainly as a social media channel that mergers e-commerce with the in-store experience. The main Stylinity’s technology innovation is called Style Stage, which is a physical in-store technology that encourages shoppers to take their experiences to the digital world. The Style Stage is an internet-ready “selfie” photo studio placed in retail locations, just outside dressing rooms. Customers can take photos and tag the clothes in their photos. Then, online shoppers can search for and buy those products online through a fully shoppable social commerce catalog.

“Stacy immediately understood what we’re all about here at Stylinity: making each person feel fashionable and empowered by their unique style,” said Tadd Spering, Founder and CEO of Stylinity. “What Not to Wear was so much more than a show about makeovers – it was about people finding their style and feeling great about themselves.”

“I love that you can share your looks with friends, show off new purchases, and that these items are available immediately to your friends and family, and anyone who admires your style,” said London about the company and her partnership. “ also makes it easy to find clothes that will fit your size and style because you can search for apparel based on size, height and hair color – all based on other Style Stage users. Stylinity has merged social media and shopping in a fun and consumer-focused way.”

In her role with Stylinity, London will be sharing creative insights to help the brand grow, expanding Stylinity’s consumer following, and inspiring retail partners.