Infographic Alert: XBox vs. PlayStation – Video Game Enthusiasts Take Note

Now here’s a fun graphic for you to peruse: in the battle over which video game system is best, who wins? Sure, this graphic only takes two into account, but they’re arguably the biggest two these days: PlayStation vs. XBox. Why do these matter to you e-retailers out there? Well, as it turns out, many people use these systems not for just video games, but to access the Internet and do things like stream TV and movies through their home entertainment systems. Plus, many of you readers may in fact be retailers of said systems. Here’s a few highlights of this infographic from Social Intelligence:

– There are over 48 million online users of XBox, and 78.4 million consoles have been sold worldwide.
– PSN (the online play for PlayStation) has 110 million online user accounts.
– During the 2012 holiday season (from Nov. 10 – Jan. 5), 3,076,503 Xbox 360 systems were sold, compared to 1,280,146 PS3 systems.

Check out the rest of the graphic for some more cool stats, and get gaming! SDL_xbox-vs-playstation-FINAL