Leadership Tip of the Day: 4 Steps to Better Sales

For B2B marketers and B2C marketers with higher price-point products (perhaps all B2C marketers can benefit, too), I suggest re-evaluating every step along the your sales cycle on an quarterly or annual basis, depending on your business. All priorities must align with the sales cycle needs. social-media_sales_tips_customer_targetting

1. Create a work-group: Marketing, Sales and Web/Creative…include anyone in your group you believe has the skill set to contribute but avoid the “Too Many Cooks” syndrome!

2. Sit in a room and observe, one step at a time the path a customer takes to the point of sale. Analytical pictures will be able to tell you what people are doing. Where they do not, create assumptions and outline a plan to test those assumptions. You’ll likely be regrouping.

3. Challenge your conventional wisdom. Create a customer test group, or some external insight would be highly valuable, too. We’re often too close to our own business. Someone outside might come in and say what you’re doing doesn’t make any sense.

4. Re-engineer, one step at a time those elements that you as a team determine require it.