Responsive Web Design: How Early Adopting Retailers are Achieving Success

Responsive web and email design is being hailed as every marketer’s dream. Retailers are able to capitalize on existing SEO, create continuity across screens and prevent deep-linking issues. While we’ve all been excited by the potential, we now have results and benchmarks created by early adopting retailers.

A few months back, I posted about a great presentation given by Steen Andersson, the VP at 5th Finger, a Merkle company, about how he used responsive design to take prestigious makeup company, NARS, to the next level of digital. Now, I’m bringing you the webinar he and a fellow expert, Brandon McGee, of Dell, took us through to give viewers a closer look at how they have achieved success through responsive design.

Screen Shot 2013-09-19 at 3.23.32 PM

In the webinar you will learn:

– What makes a successful responsively designed site through an analysis of stand-out sites, including results achieved
– Understand results to expect from different use cases
– Hear the key tricks and lessons only learned from implementing a responsive experience
– Know your options for working around the downsides of responsive, including no-rebuild approaches

To view this webinar, just click here. You’ll have to fill out a quick form, but then it will start to play. We promise that it’s pretty great, and totally worth the 5 seconds the form takes to complete!