How to Make Facebook (Really) Work for You

As most of us know by now, today’s marketing has changed. Gone are the days of traditional marketing tactics, as social media has changed the way businesses are connecting with people and generating new customers. It’s pretty much safe to say that social media marketing is here to stay. If you’re not convinced, here are some statistics from Hubspot:facebook-logo

74% of all marketers say that Facebook is important to their lead generation

– On Facebook, brand posts get half their reach within 30 minutes of posting

– Companies that generate over 1,000 Facebook likes also receive nearly 1,400 website visits per day

52% of all marketers found a customer through Facebook in 2013

Clearly, Facebook (as well as other social media outlets) is an integral part of marketing and lead generation. So how do you make it work for you? What strategies and types of content work? What software available is best for your needs?

In order to make it work, the best thing to do is set a strategy and goals. Obvious perhaps, but not always done by marketers. Before that, be sure to have a fully operational, fast-loading website, an effectively targeted email marketing program, and a well developed Facebook page. Then set goals – a realistic number of new likes each month, the amount of posts per week, what you want to talk about and share, etc. – that you know you and your team can work toward each week. And don’t forget to research your audience as well as your competition, and learn from each.

When it comes to the actual Facebook content, you’ve probably heard this a thousand times but, please, for heavens sake, stay away from 100 percent, blatant self-promotion. You want to engage. You know that already, but are you doing it? Here are some ways to: Have polls, ask questions, run contests, encourage user-contributed content. In a nutshell, you want to engage and then establish your company as a thought leader. Present facts, links, and stories that show you know your stuff. Consider starting a blog that keeps these same ideas in mind, and direct your Facebook fans to your blog. But remember, if you do start a blog, you’ll have to plan and resource for it. A blog with one post a week is essentially useless.

Finally, if you want some outside help, there are plenty of software programs available. The hardest part might be choosing what’s right for you, and what’s reputable. Wildfire is one of the most popular, and since Google makes it, we can trust it’s not a scam (we think!)

Other popular ones include FACEDOMINATOR, heyo and North Social. Do your research, compare prices, and decide which seems to be the best fit for you.

Remember: The brands with the best social media marketing make it look simple, but it’s not – it never is. However, one you get it going, it can be one of the best ways to help your business grow.