In Case You Missed it, was #1 in July

According to a recent report by comScore, drew more unique visitors (about 197 million) than any other U.S. Internet company in the month of July. This is the first time the company has hit that top spot since March, 2011, and surely is thanks in part to new CEO, Marissa Mayer, who only recently celebrated her one-year anniversary at the helm. Businessman in Cubicle Raising Foam Hand

Traffic rivals Google, Microsoft and Facebook came in at 192 million, 180 million and 142 million, respectively.

When Mayer took over last summer, Yahoo was in third place behind Google and Microsoft, and only led fourth-place Facebook by two million uniques, according to comScore.

Meanwhile, comScore reports that Facebook’s unique visitors have fallen from 161 million in July 2012, to 142 million last month, and that AOL’s traffic was up by 7 million in July compared to the same month last year when it totaled 110 million.