Leadership Tip of the Day, from a Luxury Watch Maker

Antique pocket watch - closeup on very old pocket watch“Do better if possible, and that is always possible.”
-Francois Constantin, of Vacheron-Constantin, 1819

Leaving the subtleties of the French-to-English translation aside, I am inspired by this concept because it’s unattainable and achievable at the same time! And I’m not alone. Others have adopted this philosophy too.

– The Toyota Way with its “Kaizen” (continuous improvement concept) trickling down to its Lexus brand, The Relentless Pursuit of Perfection.
– How about Jack Nicklaus? He famously said he would not quit playing golf until he shot an 18!
– Or the New York State motto: Excelsior, translating to ever upward or, ever higher.

It’s inspiring because it captures the heart and mind of the artist. If we work at something as an art, we can’t help but want to do better, each and every time.