Infographic Alert: The Key to McDonald’s Success

With restaurants in 119 countries and a yearly revenue of over $20 billion, McDonald’s is one of the largest and most universal fast food chains in the world. According to Meet the Boss, a video website providing business executives with industry research and discussions, the company is selling a lot more than just burgers and fries.

The infographic below breaks down the “McDonald’s Experience” into three elements: Food, Design, and Governance. While classics such as the Bog Mac make up a large part of the menu, recent upgrades have led to a Premium menu, which includes salads and more sandwich options.

Beyond the food, designated restaurant zones—including the Linger Zone and the Flexible Zone—contribute to the entire dining experience. What customers don’t see is the governance aspect, which includes community support, ethical responsibilities, and, of course, key marketing decisions.

According to the infographic, here are some of the other reasons those golden arches are one of the most recognizable symbols on the planet:

– A sustainable supply chain and environmental responsibility make up a large portion of the governance “ingredient”.
– Contemporary interiors and furnishings, along with music, create the overall design experience of every location.

View the graphic below for the full explanation of this cultural icon’s experience: