Top Tweets from eTail East 2013

There’s been a lot of Twitter action happening these past four days. If you weren’t able to catch eTail East 2013, at least get the highlights from the below Tweetables. Make sure to follow us at our Twitter account, @eTailNews.

And now, in no particular order…enjoy!

ETail keynote with @cafepress own, @jasonfalls. Great way to start a Monday! #etail

We want to make #digital an extension of our retail experience-Brian Tilzer, CVS, talks Drug Info Center initiative. #eTailEast

My deck for my 2:30pm #Etail presentation – Earning Audiences –

Screen Shot 2013-08-15 at 9.39.37 AM

5 Steps to Differentiate Your Brand from @OfficeDepot from Manish. #etaileast

54% of Retailers see Mobile as Biggest Growth Area for 2014 via #eTail

Excited to speak on next generation of customer experience analytics at #etail Canada in a few minutes. A lot happening in #retail here

Advice from @JetBlue: “Inspire humanity through #digital by providing #CX that’s technologically advanced & exceptionally human.” #eTailEast

#etaileast is getting wild here in #philly! @BRosenblatt4 #mediamath

Interesting stat from @socialannex: Average value of a social share for a retailer = $7.00 #eTail via @ckrohn1

Learning from @ckrohn1 at #etaileast – Bringing social and commerce together! Smart dude. ( CMO)

“Lack of trust further up the funnel reduces amount of convertible visitors to site.” — Lee-Lin Thye, @symantec #eTailEast

Kelly Hushin did a nice job of capturing my talk from #etaileast Monday. Check it:

I wish the @Facebook presentation dove deeper into the case studies. To me, this preso felt like an ad. Not a lecture. #eTailEast

1,000 people a day wanted to come into a 5th floor loft to buy glasses. Hence need for a physical store. @warbyparker #eTailEast

@warbyparker built there own #mobile POS to seamlessly integrate their store with the web experience via @tmrly at #etaileast

Kevin Diamond from @HauteLook says, “#Mobile is close to 50-60% of our traffic on weekends. It’s stronger than desktop/PC.”

Macy’s admits they are chasing the customer around mobile and can’t move quickly enough. Won’t have Android until next year. #eTailEast

Would you let a manufacturer dictate what items you can offer for free shipping? Tough pill to swallow. #etailEast

Sept. 10th, @Apple is releasing new phone – highly likely that home button will be biometric fingerprint sensor to ID you. #etaileast

Good time to launch my new Breath Check app? “There are more smartphones in the world than toothbrushes.” – Jason Goldberg #EtailEast

QVC’s mantra: “Change needs to be the new normal,” means everyone is focused on innovation. #eTailEast #eTailNews

Rise and grind, #etaileast! Let’s start the day with yesterday’s Top Tweets

Any suggestions, @artisanmobile or @RJMetrics? “@ParryMCM: Does anyone else at #etaileast have a cheesesteak suggestion for me?”

10 mobile devices activated for every baby born in the USA. #etaileast mobile

“It’s not the customer’s job to know what they want.” – Steve Jobs @KelleyBlueBook #etaileast #mobile