Sweet Giveaway Alert: Win Eagles Tix, Tiffany’s Jewels & More!

If you’re not at the eTail East conference happening right now in Philadelphia, you are missing out on more than just awesome, inspiring content…you’re missing free stuff too.

Sorry to rub it in.

For all of you who ARE here, listen up: we still have our Breakfast at Tiffany’s game to look forward to (tomorrow, i.e. Wednesday morning) and an Eagles tickets giveaway on Thursday morning.

For the Tiffany’s game, you’re going to want to visit at least five booths to get five tickets from your favorite vendors. Five tickets equal one guess – you’ll get one try to pick a Tiffany’s box, and if you’re lucky, there will be a sparkling Tiffany’s jewel inside.

For the Eagles game, which is on Thursday night, all you’ll need to do is visit little old me at the eTail Blog booth, #811, on Thursday morning at 11 a.m. with a business card. I will mix them up in a bowl/hat/Starbucks cup/whatever I can find, then pick a lucky winner to give a set of three Eagles tickets to. If you’re still here Thursday night and/or live here, what a fun Thursday night activity for you and two friends, right?!

Again, sorry to rub it in if you’re not here – just more motivation to come join us in San Antonio!

Meanwhile, take a look at the super cool eTail Blog studio…photo